Join our community in empowering at-risk youth in Pasadena



At Rosebud, we believe that outstanding craft coffee can make a difference. That’s why all of our products directly support social good. By choosing Rosebud as your go-to coffee and meeting spot you’re making a statement that you support the mentoring and employment of at-risk youth. But the good doesn’t end there. Wild Goose, our exclusive coffee roaster, is committed to donating 10lbs of food with every pound of beans sold. And our salads and sandwiches are provided by Hope which is dedicated to employing those who need a second chance. With every visit to Rosebud, you’re making a visible difference in your city.


Belonging to the Rosebud community means being on the inner circle of an exciting movement which seeks the betterment of our city. Throughout the week, Rosebud lives our mission by hosting unique events, concerts, open-mics, and more. Stay up to date on all things Rosebud by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also keep track of us, get event invites, see some delicious pictures of our coffee, and meet fellow #rosebuddies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


What if everyone in the Rosebud community was dedicated to mentoring local youth? We can hardly think of a more exciting question. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Rose City High School and local foster care centers in order to facilitate mentoring relationships between our community and theirs. If you’d like to leap into our cause through mentoring, our executive director Dan Davidson would love to meet you.